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Thomas Rhett Concert

Last night a few friends and I went to go see Thomas Rhett play at Tin Roof! His two most popular songs are “If I could have a beer with Jesus”, and “Something to do with my hands”. He also sang a lot of cover songs that everyone knew and could sing along to. 



He was awesome and really interacted with the crowd. I was lucky enough to snatch a spot to sit on top of one of the restaurant booths and was able to see him…..definitely would not be tall enough to see over anyone if I was standing on the floor. 😉

Because I ended up going to the concert last night I didn’t have time to cook the meal I was planning on making. So tonight I’m going to get fancy in the kitchen! Hopefully it turns out good so I can share it with you guys…ahhhh!

The rest of my day is full of memorizing BodyPump choreography, doing some of Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD workout, and cooking a healthy dinner. Hope your Thursday is going well!


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