Mind Body and Cake

Keeping fit in a college lifestyle

About Me

Hey There and welcome to MIND BODY AND CAKE!!

I’m Michelle, a college student with a love for health and fitness…and did I mention I really like cake?

I am a Certified Body Pump and Cardio Instructor, a Broadcast Journalism major, and have a passion for writing and talking about Healthy living.

  • Feel free to contact me at MindBodyandCake@gmail.com I would love to hear from you!

Staying Fit

Body Pump is one of the most popular classes the gym offers. This hour long weight lifting class gives you lean muscle and really transforms your body, and it’s fun! Teaching this class is always a blast and I love being able to motivate and help people push through the workout.

Teaching Cardio Core classes is when I get creative with my workouts. I get to plan out the whole class with the music I feel will help motivate the participants. I love combining Hi-Lo, Intervals/HIIT training, and kickboxing. Bring on the sweat!

Healthy Mind, What do you mean?

What I mean is I am not perfect, and I find myself a lot of times thinking negative thoughts that only bring me down. I work hard to not compare myself to others and instead think more positively. I concentrate on doing things that make me feel good about myself and make me happy, which usually leads me to the gym or Starbucks….or a piece of Carrot Cake 🙂

Why Cake?

Me and cake have a complicated relationship. First off you should know that I live with some wonderful bakers, also known as my roommates. I have learned to resist the temptation of digging into the brownies and yummy cakes with my friends after a late night out…. but I do have exceptions. Cake is my favorite dessert after all!  When I attend birthday parties, weddings and other special events I may or may not be the first in line for a slice 😉

I chose cake to be part of my blog name because even though I concentrate and work hard to have a healthy mind and body I also work on finding balance. I try and incorporate mostly healthy and nutritious foods in my meals with the occasional treat here and there. Cake is here to stay!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wish I had had your motivation when I was in school. You’re honest and funny and most of all inspiring. I look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. Kathy P on said:

    Very cool name Michelle –“mindbodyandcake”! Thank you for this blog! I’m hooked! I LOVE your insight. I LOVE your fun spirit! And I LOVE you!

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