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I hope you’re having a good Wednesday!

With the weather being so nice today in Columbia I knew I wanted to get out of the house and soak in some sun. I decided to head back to the Riverwalk this morning for a run to start my day off right. I decided to listen to my iPod instead of Pandora on my phone since my phone died 5 minutes into my run yesterday…. I was not happy. 

I find listening to music really helps me push through a run and distracts me when I start to get tired. So here are a couple songs that I liked listening to today.

Because The Night (Manian Bootleg Cut) Cascada 

Welcome To The Jungle Guiltless United 

Shut Up And Kiss Me. Reece Mastin

Once I got home I grabbed half of  the black cherry nonfat Chobani yogurt I bought yesterday for a post workout snack.



I added flax seeds and raspberries to the yogurt to give it some texture. I’m not a fan of the consistency Greek yogurt has by itself. 

One last thing I thought I would share with you is the healthy dessert I made last night! After eating a salad with shrimp and tomato soup, I was craving something yummy. So here you go….

Mini Frozen Banana Peanut Butter Sandwiches 🙂



I found this simple idea on Pinterest. What would I do without that addicting website! I used the honey roasted peanut butter from Whole Foods which made them taste amazing! When frozen it made them taste like peanut butter ice-cream.

If you decide to make them yourself let me know what you think!


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3 thoughts on “Running Music

  1. Kathy P on said:

    DEFINITELY will make that “faux peanut butter” icecream THIS week! Always looking for NEW music with a heavy beat of fast speed to workout with…will download these before the next gym visit. THANK YOU MICHELLE!! Can I share a few from my playlist that are REAL motivators to MOVE?–Uncaged by Zac Brown Band; Used to Rule the World by Bonnie Raitt; Within Attraction by Yanni (don’t judge!lol) and Country Gril by Luke Bryan. Try them when you need to move that junk in the trunk! haha

  2. Jordan on said:

    mmmmm lemme get that lil banana pb treat

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