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Spaghetti and Wall Sits

Happy Monday! 

Today has been really yucky outside. The weather has been quite dreary here in Columbia with it being cold and rainy. Since I woke up early before class I decided to take a trip to Starbucks to get a warm drink to sip on. Nonfat Chai Teas = happiness in a cup.

When I walked up to the counter to order my drink the Starbucks guy said, “Hey Michelle, how’s it goin’!”. The Starbucks guy has my name memorized! I was a little shocked because I haven’t been going to this Starbucks as often as others but it made me feel so special! I love how the people at Starbucks work hard to get to know their customers! I need to learn their names now!

Now let’s talk about this past weekend.

My friend Michelle, who works at the gym (and shares my name), and I decided to cook in Friday night before going out with some friends. We decided to cook spaghetti because I stocked up on pasta when it was on sale a few weeks ago.

We threw together a side salad to go along with our meal. It’s always fun to cook with friends and making spaghetti is so easy!

We also got creative with some new workout moves.

Michelle and I love trying out new exercise moves and ways to challenge ourself, so we decided to try Jillian Michaels “standing on your knees wall sit” move. Remember when I attempted to do Sean T’s Wide Tuck Jump?

So here is Jillian…..

And here I am….

I look so happy in this photo. It definitely made holding this position a lot harder!

Now I’m off to class and then to the gym! Having the Workout Log has been really motivating!

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