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Keeping A Workout Log

I am always trying to find new ways to stay motivated to exercise several times a week. Staying active is really important to me so I have decided to start a daily workout log. Many blogs that I follow do this and I always find it motivating to see what others are doing to exercise and how many times a week they workout.

Right now I am teaching 3 to 4 exercise classes a week. 30/20/10 (A cardio class that incorporates sculpting and core work) and Body Pump. My goal is to work on getting in more exercise during the week on the days I don’t teach classes.

Recently I have been running outside on those days because it’s nice to do something different than always being inside at the gym. The weather has been amazing with the temperature cooling off so evening runs have been really enjoyable.

You can check out my workout log under the Fitness section. I hope keeping track everyday will motivate me to exercise more…. instead of jumping on the couch and watching the food network 😉


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