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Cookies & Prayers

There is no better feeling than receiving a package in the mail as a college student, and today was my lucky day. As I opened the door and picked up the box with my name on it I freaked out and ran inside to see who sent me something! 

I first read the letter that was on the top when I opened the box. My church Lake Forest, that I have grown up going to and still attend when I am home, sent me the package! I quickly looked inside the box and immediately started drooling…..COOKIES!!!!!

Not just any kind of cookies though, I’m talking about homemade cookies! You can not beat that.

What is even more special about these treats is that they were made by people from the church who are praying specifically for me and all the other college students that attend Lake Forest. The letter sent with the package expressed how even though we may be away, we are still apart of the church and are always being prayed for.

Pastor Mike also gave advice on growing spiritually in college and his experience when he was in school.

Receiving this gift has really made me feel loved and blessed to have people thinking and praying for me.

My roommates and I have tried a few cookies and they taste amazing! Lake Forest really knows how to bake :). I plan on keeping all these goodies in the kitchen to share with others so that I don’t eat them all myself….because they really do taste that good!

  • What’s the best surprised gift you have received from someone?



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5 thoughts on “Cookies & Prayers

  1. Mike Moses on said:

    Michelle – you are very kind (and quick) with the thanks. Great to hear how you are doing – and I love your blog. Not surprised you are still the energizer bunny!

  2. I got mine today too! It was SOOO nice, Thanks for all the prayers lake forest!! but I only got three bags of cookies, it looks like you got 4. I will have to have a word with the packagers next time we are home haha

  3. Mary Neill on said:

    Keep rg

  4. Yep 4 bags in my box….you might have to have a talk with Pastor Mike. And Mary Neil what is keep rg???

  5. What a cute idea! I love that 🙂 Packages are my favorite!! I can’t even think of the best surprise gift I’ve gotten!

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