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Farmers Market On Campus

Yesterday walking through campus I noticed several tents and tables set up on the road. As I got closer I realized it was the farmers market!

How cool is that! Local produce brought to campus for students is so convenient!

I was so excited and went around to each tent to see what was offered.

This tent had fresh tomatoes that looked incredible. I love making tomato sandwiches.

But when I found this tent I knew I hit the jack pot.

I am a huge seafood person and love shrimp! Salmon is my favorite fish to get when out to dinner, and shrimp is such an easy snack to grab out of the fridge with very few calories.

Unfortunately I had to rush to my next class and didn’t get the chance to buy anything to take home. 😦 I plan on being more prepared for the next time the farmers market comes to campus.

Seeing all the yummy food made me hungry, so to hold me over until classes were over I ate my favorite Luna bar.

Nuts Over Chocolate! With 9g of protein and 4g of fiber It was a yummy snack to keep me satisfied until I got home.

By the way, the dog we found on the side of the road is back with his owner! He was such a good dog, but my roommates and I are happy he is back home. He was a fun guest to have for a few days 🙂

  • Does your school or town provide a local farmers market?
  • What’s your favorite produce to buy there?

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One thought on “Farmers Market On Campus

  1. ahhh i love farmers markets!! there is one in boone

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