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“I Don’t Cook” Tuesday

Tuesdays seem to always be the busiest day of the week for me. Knowing I am going to having a long day ahead of me, I make sure and get a good nights sleep.

One thing I have had to learn while being in college is I have to manage my time and get my ZZZZ’s in! (Getting enough sleep helps keep your metabolism stable, making it easier to maintain or lose weight.)

Last night my roommates and I all had the same thing in mind and stayed in. We got our “ZEN” on with a ton of candles in the living room. We created some what of a fire place since ours is fake… nifty.

And I had a cup of Green tea.

Waking up at 8:15 for my morning classes was much easier than normal. I am NOT a morning person FYI.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I am a sucker for cereal, but Cheerios with a sliced banana on top actually keeps me feeling full longer than other cereals.

By the way, I tried the Carrot Cake yogurt from when I went grocery shopping the other day. I also tried the Black Forest Cake too.


They are DELICIOUS. I have to say I prefer the Carrot Cake more but both are yummy and only 100 calories.

After a long day of classes and teaching a Body Pump class at the gym, I am worn out. 

Not being much of a cook..yet..I opted for something easy to throw together. 

Corn and Veggie Burger dinner!

Always have to be careful when buying frozen food. I always check to find low sodium options. This meal was so good and literally took 5 minutes to put together! This dinner is perfect for all the “I don’t cook!” people out there, or students with a busy schedule who need something easy!

What’s your favorite easy “throw together” meal to make?

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4 thoughts on ““I Don’t Cook” Tuesday

  1. Kathy P on said:

    Love the green tea idea to stave off night snacking! Going to borrow that one Michelle! O.K. you asked, so here goes: fav throw together quick meal is: sautee onions, peppers, and spinach, toss in some black beans and sprinkle cheese over it; then place it in a wheat tortilla and roll both sides together. Fresh fruit as a side. Really delicious and filling! bon appetit from KP 🙂

  2. That sounds delicious and simple! I am definitely going to be trying that one soon!

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