Mind Body and Cake

Keeping fit in a college lifestyle

Classes Have Started!

Yesterday was the first day of classes and also different compared to previous semesters.

After having been in a sorority for the past two years I have decided to focus more on my major, broadcast journalism, and not be in the sorority this year.  It was a difficult decision and has been a new experience. Walking around campus I saw all the girls in their “rush” t-shirts, it’s a very exciting time for Greek life right now. I’m lucky to have formed so many friendships though in those first two years and thankfully still have all my close friends. A few of them are even in some of my classes!

So many people everywhere! Thank goodness I left the house early because the Starbucks line took 20 minutes….I know…CRAZY.

I wish I could have taken a picture of my Sociology teacher for you. She was very entertaining and loved talking about reality TV…Right up my alley!

After my 3 back to back classes I headed home to make myself lunch.

I made a half toasted sandwich with: ham,tomato,avocado, swiss cheese and lettuce. With a banana on the side. After lunch I began to prepare for teaching my first cardio class of the semester, YAY!

Having a 7pm exercise class is not ideal because lets face it…on Thursday nights, or should I say Thirsty Thursdays, most college students are focused on getting ready for the night of drinking.

I knew this going into the class, and reminded myself that it doesn’t matter how many people are there, it is my responsibility to give each individual the best workout they deserve. I was proud to instruct the few people that did show up because I knew they were dedicated to staying healthy and active, and they were fun to teach!

Now heading to the grocery store to figure out what to cook for dinner. If I make something good I’ll let you know 😉


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